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Behind every healthy pet, there is a happy pet parent.
Petlov.app helps you show your love to your fury friends.

We are a team of vets and trainers, offering online care 24/7 to your pets

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Veterinary care and training consultation, anywhere and anytime, wherever you are:

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Live chat with vet or trainer in less than 5’

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Video call for immediate veterinary care 24/7

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Live consultation on health & behavioral issues

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PetLov Stories

Here at petlov.app we like to share with you everyday stories of our four-legged friends. Stories that show all the love we feel and the importance of offering them the happy life they deserve!

Pet parents


Chica is afraid of car rides and everytime we go to the vet it’s an ordeal for both of us. With petlov.app I will have access to veterinary care from anywhere I am and also consultation by a trainer to reduce transfer stress.


Emma loves visiting her vet but I have to work long hours and my schedule is tight. Petlov.app will provide answers to all my questions about her care and wellness

Spyros & Konstantina

We haven’t found a regular vet yet for our two Cane Corso dogs. Petlov.app will be our trusted consultant on their health and training issues.


I take care of more than 5 cats in my backyard and almost daily I need advice on their health and nutricion. Petlov.app is the application I’ve been waiting for!


I don’t drive so taking Zookie to the vet is not always easy for me. I believe that petlov.app will provide tips and consultation for her care


12 year old Batty is the 5th member of our family. We wish to keep offering her the good life she deserves for the years to come. Can’t wait for petlov.app!