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Meeting stray dogs – What to do

22.03.2021 | Stories

It’s not uncommon to encounter a stray dog when you are out jogging, taking a stroll in the park or walking your own dog. Strays live in the open and do not have homes. They may be seen alone or roving in packs, looking for food or shelter, since they are usually hungry, thirsty, sometimes injured – and almost always frightened. Most stray dogs are scared of humans, and usually stay out of your way. However, some may approach or pose a threat to you. There are too many unknown factors with a stray dog, so having a few tips in mind could be useful.

Never approach a stray dog and invade his space. But if the dog walks towards you, refrain from abruptly turning around and running away in a hurry. This can cause a dog to chase you even if he’s friendly. Slow down your movement and stand still. Remain calm, show no fear or aggressive behavior and talk gently. Take off your hood if you are wearing one and if you are holding a bag or cane, put them behind your back. Hold your arms close to your sides, lower your body as if you are going to offer a treat and don’t move. Try not to stare at the dog because this could be interpreted as a threat. Instead keep your eyes focused downward and watch the stray with your peripheral vision. Let the dog sniff you if he wants, but do not stick your hand out as this can be also interpreted as a threat. When the stray dog leaves, do not turn your back on him. Start backing away slowly, so you can keep an eye on the dog while you walk in the opposite direction.

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